Stay Connected Life courses

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We are currently working on providing you with names of Charities and Businesses that will be able to assist you with social matters.

Making a difference

My passion in life is making a difference in the lives of others, why? because I have faced many challenges on this wonderous journey of life, and I have experienced some dark times, sometimes when I questioned my ability to get back up and keep going. Through my journey of self-development I have developed therapeutic, spiritual and growth insights and put this all together through courses that will help you understand yourself much better; why you struggle to make changes and stick to them (changes you know are best for you), change your perspective on bad things always happen to me mindset and change frustrations and anger responses to calm and relaxed responses.

Accessible for everyone

At Stay Connected Services, accessibility to growth, for everyone is very important, so we have worked to ensure all our courses are affordable and designed in a way you can complete them at your own pace. The daily lessons are kept to under 20 minutes to enable deep focus and time in your day to access and commit. It’s very easy to think we don’t have enough time but I ask you to consider how much scrolling time you do daily or watch tv and consider how you would feel by the end of the year, having grown and changed old habits; just by investing in yourself for up to 20 minutes daily. I also promise you that once you start on a journey of self-development you will be eager to keep going and look for other areas in your life that you want to grow.