Why we are here to help you

Stay Connected was born from passion that came about from challenging experiences trying to gain the correct expertise and support for my oldest son, who has Autism and learning disabilities. It is very difficult to sum up in a short space the emotions, the challenges but what I can say is that I have turned our journey into a passion that delivers impartial support, that focuses on action, positive changes and a great quality of life. The quality of life that we all want and rightly deserve, regardless of social class or disability!

If you are on a journey, that requires support, whatever that may be, please get in touch. Stay Connected is a transparent service, we do not claim to know everything, but what we do aim to do is assist you to help you gain the most suited expertise, if we are unable to help. One of the worse feelings is needing urgent help but not knowing where to begin, or are being refused a service; sadly, I know that from experience this can also mean you don’t get the correct level of expertise needed, which delays help and change for the person.

One of the most important things for us is that everyone has access to information that can empower them to go forward, to improve their situation. Some of our services are at cost but others are free. At times we will use our discretion, in unique situations to enable the support needed.

Stay Connected is a social enterprise that supports individuals with difficulties they may be facing with social matters. We also work to help individuals connect with others in the community and also run support groups. We feel strongly that no one should experience loneliness and should have a support network, even if this is cannot be from family and friends. The support groups are currently run online due to the impact of COVID-19.

Self Development & Empowerment

I am very passionate about everyone, no matter their social circumstance to have access to tools that help empower them to achieve their goals and ultimately their dreams. I have spent a number of years reading, listening to self-development books and accessing training to go on to help others. Some of the training has been expensive and made me even question did I need it (purely because of the cost) From this experience I felt that everyone should be able to access affordable courses, and that I could do something about this. Stay Connected will be providing a range of courses including those focused on fitness, weight management, self-development and mental health. Best of all you will get a free taster session for the courses. I have been very fortunate to have accessed my training from some of the best teachers in the industry, including Tony Robbins (American author, coach, motivational speaker and philanthropist, better known for self help books including Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant within), Lisa Nichols (New York Times bestselling author of No Matter What and recurring motivational speaking coach on The Steve Harvey Show) and Vishen Lakhiani (Entrepreneur, CEO of Mindvalley, motivational speaker and the author of The Code of Extraordinary Mind and The Buddha and the Badass.

Stay Connected “A place of daily motivation to help you live your best life! From weight management to self-development we have the support and courses to get you success! I have been blessed to have been taught by the best teachers across the world including Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols and Vishen Lakhiani and I want to pass this wisdom on to you and hope you go on to do the same!”