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At Stay Connected Services we believe that everyone, deserves the opportunity to learn and grow. Self-development is a lifelong ongoing process, as Kazuo Ishiguro writes in his book The remains of the day

“If you are under the impression you have already perfected yourself, you will never rise to the heights you are no doubt capable of”

Over the years Maria has invested in her own self development and through this process her belief in self-development has deepened whilst realising that courses can be costly and therefor are not accessible for everyone and that is something as a service we felt was very important to change.  Having spent the last 4 years studying with some of the best teachers in the world, including #TonyRobbins#VishenLakhiani#LisaNichols#DrJoeDispenza  Maria have spent love, passion and commitment  to create this course to take you from where she was with mindset to a new powerful way of thinking. 

Making a difference

My passion in life is making a difference in the lives of others, why? because I have faced many challenges on this wonderous journey of life, and I have experienced some dark times, sometimes when I questioned my ability to get back up and keep going. Through my journey of self-development I have developed therapeutic, spiritual and growth insights and put this all together through courses that will help you understand yourself much better; why you struggle to make changes and stick to them (changes you know are best for you), change your perspective on bad things always happen to me mindset and change frustrations and anger responses to calm and relaxed responses.

Self |Development courses


6 powerful insights on human behaviour you must master to achieve your weight goals

In this course you will learn how to understand your behaviour and start taking control of your weight goals

Join Psychology obsessed Maria; also a mindset coach in training,  as she invites you on a journey of exploring human behaviour and the tools you can start using straight away to take control of your life.  Whether you have already studied psychology or this is new for you her teaching will provide you the insight that will get you understanding  ,


  • What prevents you from moving your life forward
  • Why you self sabotage
  • Human needs
  • Fear and why we all have it and how we use fear to our advantage
  • Your limiting self-beliefs
  • Your Psychology

This class will give you the insight and tools you need to create new self-beliefs and habits that you will actually start and stick to, to start taking control of your weight goals.

After taking this class, you will start the journey of becoming your own personal Psychologist, you will have a new insight into your behaviour, it will enable you to reflect on how your limiting self-beliefs are currently holding you back and get you creating new self-beliefs.

Join Maria on this powerful journey to becoming your own personal psychologist and take full control of your life. The ultimate game changer for purchasing this course is you can apply this life changing knowledge to all areas of your life and go back and access it as many times as you wish. Link to start the course is at the top 🔥👊🔥Do you believe in you? What are you waiting for. If you don’t take action now, when will you? 🔥👊🔥

You got this!

Best wishes 

Maria X

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